Coastal Cruise

Price: $1,350

Perfect for the family or a group of friends who aren’t hard-core fishermen, but who would like to try their hand at a little fishing, combined with a crew serving cocktails and food. This is a great way for parents and kids to equally enjoy an experience on the water! To get started, you will head a few miles offshore to give you a chance to see the coastline from the water and to view some of the aquatic animals that reside in the warm waters around Manuel Antonio. Our crew will be on-hand to serve you drinks and to provide valuable information about the marine life. You can chose between inshore fishing for a couple of hours, or venturing to one of our favorite snorkel spots where you and friends and family can choose between snorkeling or jumping off the boat and swimming to shore to look for seashells and feel the sand in your toes.

Once you have enjoyed couple of hours of fishing and caught your fresh-catch for the evening’s dinner, or enjoyed great snorkeling and swimming, you will continue on to the beaches of the Manuel Antonio National Park, where you will meander in and out of the different spectacular beaches that make up this incredible beachfront reserve, until you finally end up at the last beach in the park.  Here you will enjoy another opportunity to swim and enjoy the warm waters, or simply stay aboard and enjoy the many snacks and drinks offered on the boat.

This great day out on the water ends by finding the perfect sunset location, separate from all other boats, so you are ensured a private and privileged location to watch the sun go down.  While you are enjoying the sunset, you will be served a light and delicious gourmet snacks.

  • Fishing & Snorkel Gear
  • Bi-lingual Captain & Guide
  • Drinks
  • Beer
  • Wine and Heavy Gourmet Snacks for up to 10 people.
not included:
  • Transport to the Marina

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